London Assembly

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Elect more greens

Find out more about Darren and Jenny’s achievements on the London Assembly.

Greens making a difference

The two Green Members on the London Assembly, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, have already made a huge difference. With a pivotal role in he  Assembly’s budget-setting, these are some of their successes:

  • Tripling to £60m the money available for cyclists and walkers.
  • Setting up the London Living Wage Unit to tackle poverty pay.
  • Starting the new Green Homes Service* that supports Londoners who want to make their homes greener.
  • Starting a major project to create new green space and protect flood plains in east London.

With more elected Greens we can make more of a difference.

You will have three ballot papers on May 1st.


Use the peach coloured ballot paper to elect more Assembly Greens

On the peach ballot paper, seats are allocated to parties in proportion to their overall vote. Every vote counts.

To re-elect Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson and to elect Noel Lynch and
Siân Berry to the Assembly, simply put an X next to the Green Party name and logo on the peach ballot paper.

This is where you stand the best chance of electing more Greens.